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The Rules

Post  Marius on Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:21 pm

These are just until Tom edits his own. >:C


♦ Type properly.
Keep sloppy typing to MSN and AIM. If you are going to post on DeadLast, at least be able to structure a few proper sentances. -.-

♦ Get active.
Get out there and have fun, simple enough. Don't see much that you would enjoy to
do here? Give us suggestions.

♦ Be supportive.
Give other members tips and advice on their works, no matter what.
If somebody needs to be put into place or truthfully classed low, please resist from causing shit. .

♦ Show off.
Contradiction? Nah, we give out prizes and trophies for a reason, wear them in your sig proud.
We don't put effort into making them for you to just forget about them?

♦ Advertise.
Have an account on another forum or site that allows small advertisements in your signature or in a certain section? Either use one of the official advert buttons or upload a creation of yours and give the link to an admin for approval.


♦ Mini-mod.
This means that you shouldn't pull up another member for breaking a rule, that's what the moderators are for.
You can tell another member that their thread looks like it's in the wrong section or is just plain pointless, but don't try to enforce anything.

♦ Flame.
Flaming equals warnings, warnings equal ban hammah. Flaming is non-constructive criticism or postal abuse of another member, for those of you who are unsure of my definition.

♦ Rip.
Ripping is posting somebody else's work and calling it your own. This will end in instant bin or deletion and severe warning or temporary ban.

♦ Giant signatures.
You may be proud of what you can make, but keep it as small as possible. Give link instead of images if possible. Remember that not everyone has fast internet and some pages could be a bitch to load.

♦ Bump.
Please try not to post in longer than 1 week old topics. The only time you will ever need to bump a topic is when you bump your Art and/or Animation topics once you have updated it.

♦ Multi-account.
I do not want any of my members to have more than one account. Nuff said.

♦ Spam.
Spam is for knobs. Please refrain from spamming as much as possible. I don't mind a good laugh now and then at a pointless silly post, but don't make it a habit.

Examples of what is considered Spam here:

Tiny posts. (I am kind in this way, i'll let most slide :3)

Advertisement. (Keep it in your sigs)

Image spam. (Either shock images, porn or pointless crap)

Quote spam.
- This is actually something I'm really against. I don't wanna see quotes of quotes of quotes of more quotes. If you are lazy just write "@ Username" which directs the text below it towards the user named.

These are just temporary n shiz.

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